Due to the rapidly-changing nature of the coronavirus situation, the Digital Marketing Certificate will be delivered online.

Please read more about how we are managing this situation to ensure the quality of our program.

We keep this list of questions up to date based on popular inquiries. If you still can't find the information you're searching for, feel free to contact us.

How technical are the modules?

This isn't a programming or design program -- it focuses on the commercial aspect of online marketing. Training will be given on all trade tools used. A familiarity with word processing (Word, Pages, or Google Docs), spreadsheet (Excel, Numbers, or Google Sheets), and presentation (Powerpoint, Keynote, or Google Slides) software is required.

What are the frustrations some students have with the DMC?

  • The rapid pace of the program can be a challenge -- particularly when what you've learned over the course of a few days is tested almost immediately;
  • It's common that fatigue can set in towards the end of the course. As people get tired, they find it more difficult to connect and focus;
  • Ensuring that the time is carved out for this course can also be difficult -- there's a large commitment that spans ten weeks, taking up both evenings and part of the weekend;
  • Some of the material is quite "academic" in nature -- there are parts of digital marketing (and the tools used) that are dry, and these classes can be challenging (for both students and instructors);

This program is difficult, and it's not for everyone. But we hope it's right for you!

Is there a focus on certain topics over others? How is the program structured?

Some material covered requires more time and concentration, while other pieces are quite quick. Each year we tailor the program to the information required to be the best digital marketing professional at that point in time: the digital market moves quickly, and tools and methodologies are constantly evolving.

We structure the program to give you practical knowledge and experience while working with others in the class through regular interaction and cooperation. It's true that the vast majority of the material that you learn at DMC can be found on the internet, but the DMC is focused on learning together. You'll be learning from industry professionals who push you to go beyond your comfort zone to grow as a digital marketer.

Learn more about our specific modules.

How is the program assessed? When will I know my grades?

To get your certificate you must pass all module proficiency tests and assignments with a minimum grade of 60%, and must attend at least 90% of classes. The final module is a project that will be presented to the class and submitted as a written proposal.

Students who initially fail any module may be given the opportunity for a second attempt at the test/project at their own expense. An opportunity for a second attempt is at the sole discretion of the Program Directors and considers several factors, including instructor availability.

Module grades are usually available within one week of a module and final grades are sent out within three weeks of the program ending.