Why take this course?

Get practical skills and learn the tools that will allow you to succeed in today’s digital landscape. This certification is practitioner-led by high-caliber digital marketing experts and focuses on the most up-to-date tools, trends, and practical insights within the industry. You’ll have the chance to earn a paid internship where you’ll put your skills to use in a business environment.

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What is the Digital Marketing Certificate?

Founded in 2016 by Telfer School of Management and Soshal, the Digital Marketing Certificate (“DMC”) is an intensive in-person course designed to prepare marketers for leadership in the digital marketing landscape. It challenges people to understand the many facets of digital marketing and gives practical instruction to prepare them for a career in the field. Each session is led by local industry professionals who engage with students on a personal level in a small group cohort setting. The entire course is conducted in English, and skill and confidence in both spoken and written English is an admission requirement. The program is synchronous and requires your physical presence in class. There are regular deadlines, group discussions, and workshops that require participation. The tuition for the program is $5,000. Attending students include freelancers, small business owners, recent marketing grads, corporate employees, and independent professionals. Admission to the DMC is by application only. You can meet the instructors here.

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Where else can I learn more about the DMC?

Take a look at our alumni testimonials. Find out more about module specifics.

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Do I need to have a marketing background?

While recent graduates in Marketing or Communications are preferred, anyone can apply for the Digital Marketing Certificate. Whether you’re a business owner, marketing professional or recent grad, the goal of the program is to enable you to learn the skills and tools necessary to build and run comprehensive digital marketing campaigns. A marketing background may help you grasp concepts more quickly but certainly isn’t required.

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What are the most important dates and deadlines?

The next Digital Marketing Certificate will start May 22, 2018.

Applications, along with deposit, must be submitted by April 13, 2018.

50% of the remaining tuition fee is due by April 27, 2018, with the final payment due no later than May 18, 2018.

Classes will not be held during the Canada Day Weekend (June 30 + July 2).

The Landing Page project is due June 10 by midnight, EST.

The Final Project presentations will happen on July 28, 2018.

The Final Project (written portion) is due July 30 by midnight, EST.

Midterm marks will be provided by June 24, 2018, and final grades will be sent out by August 7, 2018.

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What can I expect?

The Digital Marketing Certificate is an intensive 10-week program that will challenge you. It will also give you the opportunity to interact with Ottawa’s top professionals in digital marketing, and introduce you to a cohort focused on learning digital marketing – helping you build the skills and knowledge you need to prepare for an advancement or new career while also building a network of like-minded people in Ottawa. Check out the alumni profiles to get some perspective on the experience, or the module descriptions to find out what you’ll be learning.

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Do I need my own laptop?

Yes, a laptop is required.

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Will wifi be available?

Wifi will be available at the Telfer Desmarais building for the duration of the course.

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How do I apply?

Applications are taken online, and an interview is conducted with one of our program directors for admittance. Apply here now.

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Do you have advice on how to get accepted?

Be honest. Be succinct. Be thorough. In that order 😉

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How technical are the courses?

This is not a programming or design course – it focusses on the commercial aspect of online marketing. Training will be given on all trade tools used. A familiarity with word processing (Word, Pages, or Google Docs), spreadsheet (Excel, Numbers, or Google Sheets), and presentation (Powerpoint, Keynote, or Google Slides) software is required.

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Who is the ideal candidate?

This is a robust program that requires hard work and dedication, but it’s not for rocket scientists (unless they’re trying to market their work online). This is for recent marketing grads, corporate employees, independent professionals, government employees, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. Regardless of your current job, the Digital Marketing Certificate is for people who want real-world knowledge, industry-standard certifications, and job-ready skills.

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How much does it cost?

The Digital Marketing Certificate costs $5,000 CAD, plus HST ($5,650 total). This includes fees for teaching, tools, and testing. A deposit of $150 CAD+HST is required to secure your spot, with 50% of the balance ($4,850 CAD+HST) due April 27, 2018, and the remaining balance paid no later than May 18, 2018.

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How do I pay?

The deposit of $150 CAD+HST is paid online when you apply using your credit card (we use Stripe for payment). The remaining balance can be paid online (we’ll invoice you through Stripe, and you can pay with credit card), or you can pay by cheque (cheques should be made out to “Soshal Group, Inc.”, with your name and “Ottawa DMC” in the memo line, and be sent, or dropped off in-person to:
200-119 Ross Avenue
Ottawa, ON
K1Y 0N6

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Is there an application fee?

There’s no application fee, but a $150+HST non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your spot.

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What are the admission requirements?

To qualify, students must submit an application form and have an interview with the Program Director to assess their marketing background, marketing objectives, and fit with the program. This is a bring your own device program, so you need to have a laptop. English reading and writing skills are required. A non-refundable deposit of $150 +HST must be paid to secure your spot, with 50% of the balance ($4,850 CAD+HST) due April 27, 2018, and the remaining balance paid no later than May 18, 2018.

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Should I tell my boss?

If you have a job, that’s awesome (freelancers and entrepreneurs are welcome too). If this will help you grow in your job, then maybe there are finances available for personal development that can be used towards your tuition. This course is intense and requires a commitment of time and money – so it’s good to have your boss on board.

We’re eager to select people with an employer who can support the time and energy it will take, and if they want to support your tuition as well, that’s great!

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If I’m not accepted into this session, can I apply again in the future?

Yes! There are limited spaces each session, so not everyone will get in. If you’re not admitted, be sure to find out why to increase your chances of admittance next time.

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What if I have family or other time commitments?

If you have a family or full schedule, you’re going to have to prepare, plan, and communicate well. Participation is a cornerstone of the DMC program, and presence is required for participation.

Be sure to get your family’s support in this endeavor, and ensure that you’re not overcommitting yourself. The schedule is challenging, but it’s worth it. Just ask our alumni.

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How many people are in the class?

A limited number of spaces are available to ensure great interaction with the instructors and other students. Participation, collaboration, and interaction are cornerstones of the program – a smaller class gives everyone a better opportunity to get to know one another an interact in a meaningful way each class.

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Where will classes be held?

At the Telfer School of Management, in the Desmarais Building, 55 Laurier Avenue East, Ottawa.

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What’s the class schedule?

Classes are Monday to Thursday, 7pm to 10pm, and Saturdays from 8am to 3pm (with a 1 hour break for lunch).

Classes begin May 22, 2018 and the final class will be July 28, 2018.

There will be no classes during the Canada Day Weekend, June 30 and July 2.

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Is there an attendance policy?

Yes. Students must attend 90% of classes in order to earn a certificate. This is a high-intensity program designed to challenge you, and requires regular interaction with the material and classmates.

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How much time can I expect to spend on coursework outside of class?

Time is set aside throughout the class schedule for in-class learning and project work. There may be rare times that you wish to put additional time into a project yourself or with classmates. However, the course is designed to allow you to complete everything required within the dedicated class time so that you can focus on other things outside of the class schedule.

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What kind of support do you offer to students who are having trouble with course material?

We’ve put a lot of effort into creating a course that is collaborative and focused on ensuring that you learn the principles and apply the knowledge you gain so that you’re ready for real-world digital marketing work as soon as you graduate. We encourage participation, cooperation among students, and we have instructors who are there to help and bring out the best in you.

Though there are tests involved in earning your certificate, we want to enable you to succeed through good coaching and an excellent in-class experience.

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What are the frustrations some students have with the DMC?

It’s common that fatigue can set in towards the end of the course. As people get tired, they find it more difficult to connect and focus.

Ensuring that the time is carved out for this course can also be difficult – there’s a large commitment that spans three months, taking up both evenings and part of the weekend.

Some of the material is quite “academic” in nature – there are parts of digital marketing (and the tools used) that are dry, and these classes can be challenging (for both students and instructors).

The rapid pace of the program can also be a challenge – particularly when what you’ve learned over the course of a few days is tested almost immediately.

This course is difficult, and it’s not for everyone. But it might be right for you.

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Is there a focus on certain topics over others? How is the program structured?

Some material covered requires more time and concentration, while other pieces are quite quick. The material is focused into five main areas:

  • Foundations
  • Inbound
  • Paid
  • Analysis
  • Final Project

We’ve structured the program to give you practical knowledge and experience while working with others in the class through regular interaction and cooperation. It’s true that the vast majority of the material that you learn at DMC can be found on the internet, but the DMC is focused on learning together. You’ll be learning from industry professionals who push you to go beyond your comfort zone to grow as a digital marketer.

You can find out more about the details on each module here.

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How is the program assessed? When will I know my grades?

To get your Certificate, you must pass all module proficiency tests and projects with a minimum grade of 60%, and must attend at least 90% of classes. The final module is a project that will be presented to the class and submitted in a written proposal. Additional certifications (Google Analytics, Google AdWords) will be tested using the software’s online testing platform.

Grades are given within two weeks of module end. Final grades will be sent out by August 7, 2018.

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What’s included in the tuition?

Course materials are included. There will be online material made available as well: readings, videos, tests. Any certifications are also included (like Google Analytics). We also provide access to our growing alumni network, so that graduates of the DMC can stay connected and build a network of like-minded digital markets in the Ottawa area and beyond.

You’re responsible for your own coffee, snacks, and meals.

We don’t have any hidden fees or add-ons.

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What types of payment are accepted?

Online payment is now available on your credit card. Online payment is required for the deposit ($150 +HST), though other forms of payment may be arranged for the remaining portion ($4,850+HST).

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What’s your cancellation policy?

Joining the DMC is a commitment between both you and us. We’re focused on bringing great, practical coaching and instruction from industry professionals to a small group of students for an unparalleled learning experience. For your part, we ask that you commit to spending the time, money, and effort it takes to earn your certificate. As part of a small group, that commitment extends to the cohort of students that you’ll be working with.

Deposit: Your $150+HST deposit is non-refundable. Notification of withdrawal as soon as possible is appreciated as the spot will open up for another attendee on the waitlist.

Remaining Tuition: The rest of your tuition, $4850+HST, is fully refundable 30 days before the start of the program, less your deposit and applicable transaction fees. Afterwards, refunds will not be possible. In the case that withdrawal from the program is required prior to the start of classes, and after the 30 day period has started, a portion, up to the amount of full tuition less the deposit and transaction fees may be returned if your spot is filled by another student. This situation will be dealt with by the Program Directors and at their sole discretion.

Withdrawal/Failure: If a student wishes to withdraw part-way through the program, or fails to meet the criteria required to achieve passing grades to earn a certificate, no refund will be possible.

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Are there scholarships available?

At this time there are not any scholarships or bursaries available for this program.

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Who/what is Soshal?

Soshal is a Canadian agency trusted to design identities, websites, and apps for startups, Silicon Valley’s elite tech companies, and global brands.

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Who/what is Telfer?

Telfer School of Management is a business school located at the University of Ottawa.

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Who are the instructors?

We’re glad you asked! Go and meet them here.

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