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Should I tell my boss?

We're eager to select people with an employer who can support the time and energy it will take for you to complete the program. There may be finances available for personal development at your company that can be used towards your tuition, particularly if this program will help you excel or grow in your job. This program is intense and requires a commitment of both time and money -- so it's good to have your boss on board.

Bonus: many of the modules result in tangible takeaways that could be put to work within your organization. Several employers in town have sent multiple people through our program over the years, because of the value they see!

What if I have family or other time commitments?

If you have a family or full schedule (or both!), you're going to have to prepare, plan, and communicate well. Participation is a cornerstone of the DMC program, and presence is required for participation.

Be sure to get your family's support in this endeavor, and ensure that you're not overcommitting yourself. The schedule is challenging, but the results are worth it.

How much time can I expect to spend on coursework outside of class?

Time is set aside throughout the class schedule for in-class learning and project work. There may be rare times that you wish to put additional time into a project yourself or with classmates. However, the course is designed to allow you to complete everything required within the dedicated class time so that you can focus on other things outside of the class schedule.

What kind of support do you offer to students who are having trouble with learning material?

We've put a lot of effort into creating a program that is collaborative and focused. Ensuring that you learn the principles and apply the knowledge you gain so that you're ready for real-world digital marketing work as soon as you graduate has been a careful consideration. We encourage participation, cooperation among students, and we have instructors who are there to help and bring out the best in you.

Though there are tests involved in earning your certificate, we want to enable you to succeed through good coaching and an excellent in-class experience.