Our instructors teach out of a desire to share their knowledge with the next generation of digital marketers. As day-to-day industry professionals, our instructors have unparalleled insight into their fields of study and have the flexibility and autonomy to ensure that what's being taught in the module is relevant then, and for the future.

Shaily Allison Headshot

Shaily Allison

Digital Strategy Consultant, Demand Spring ⟶

Shaily is a strategic and data-driven digital marketer with diverse industry experience. She has worked with startups and agencies on digital marketing campaigns, and has led digital marketing transformation projects in both large B2B and small B2C environments. She is just as passionate about branding and design as she is about building scalable digital foundations with the right technology stacks.

Erin Blaskie Headshot

Erin Blaskie

CMO, Fractional ⟶

Erin Blaskie started her love affair with technology when she was just six years old. Her dad handed her a Commodore 64 and the rest, as they say, was history. Erin always had an entrepreneurial spirit but her first company came when she was twenty-one years old. Erin started one of the first virtual assistance businesses in Canada, which later morphed into a digital marketing agency where she took on the role of virtual CMO. After spending a few years in full-time roles, Erin is back to her entrepreneurial roots providing fractional CMO services to startups and scale-ups around the world.

Julia Ferreira Headshot

Julia Ferreira

Demand Generation Manager, Versature ⟶

Julia is the PPC & Digital Marketing Strategist at Versature, a leading SaaS hosted business phone company based out of Ottawa, where she manages relationships with key lead generation providers as well as search & display campaigns on various platforms such as Google Ads and LinkedIn. Previously, she has been an intern at Soshal, ran a successful e-commerce business, and has held various positions at private and public companies alike. Julia is also a DMC alumnus and a graduate of the John Molson School of Business, where she represented her school across the globe as the marketing representative on a team of student consultants at national and global business case competitions. Overall she has a strong passion for helping and empowering others to market their B2B or B2C companies.

Phil Gamache Headshot

Phil Gamache

Marketing Automation and Operations, Close ⟶

Phil leads Marketing Automation and Operations at Close, a remote-first-bootstrapped company of 45 people building the sales communication platform of the future. Before joining Close, Phil was Director of Marketing at Klipfolio, an Ottawa-based business intelligence dashboard where he led growth and digital marketing. He's best known for his work behind-the-scenes as a marketing automation operator who excels at providing data that improves decision making and implementing marketing technology stacks. A Telfer alumni, he's spent his entire career in marketing technology working for small (less 100 people) SaaS B2B companies. He’s driven by integrating empathetic communication throughout the entire customer journey and is passionate about the intersection of creativity, technology and analytics. On top of being an instructor for the DMC, Phil is also sharing knowledge on his new podcast: humansofmartech.com.

Amelia Garvey Headshot

Amelia Garvey

Content Marketing Specialist, Shopify ⟶

Amelia is a Content Marketing Specialist at Shopify, where she creates content that helps people start and build their own businesses. Amelia has worked with a wide range of companies to bridge the gap between their brand and their audience by building real, empathetic relationships through content. She is a graduate of Algonquin College's Public Relations program and Wilfrid Laurier University.

Nathan Hall Headshot

Nathan Hall

Chief Executive Officer, Simple Story ⟶

Nathan is the CEO of Simple Story, an award-winning, video marketing agency. In his role, he works with many brands and corporations of all sizes from around the world – helping them realize the power that video and storytelling has on their business. By crafting dynamic marketing campaigns, Nathan has forged relationships with such brands as P&G, Shopify and Shutterstock, helping them connect with their audiences. Simple Story was recently named Small Business of the Year by the Ottawa Board of Trade and Ottawa Business Journal.

Samantha Hartley Headshot

Samantha Hartley

PR & Marketing Consultant, Independent

With more than 10 years’ experience in the ever-changing world of public relations and marketing, Samantha specializes in blending trusted traditional practices with new age and trending methods to deliver results-driven plans and campaigns with impact. Samantha's strategies are based on solid data and in-demand target market trends to effectively enhance and optimize the way businesses and organizations communicate with their current or prospective audiences, and to achieve, or ideally, surpass goals. Samantha has worked in agency, crown corporation and not-for-profit, and is now an independent consultant with clients in various industries including government, defence, international trade, business association, transportation, technology and retail.

Simon Heaton Headshot

Simon Heaton

Demand Generation Lead, Shopify ⟶

Simon Heaton is digital strategist, growth marketer, and Shopify's Demand Generation Lead. He has amassed 6+ years working for SaaS, non-profit, and agency organizations, where he's focused on building digital marketing programs designed to achieve sustainable audience engagement and customer acquisition.

Marissa Homère Headshot

Marissa Homère

Director of Marketing, Versature ⟶

Marissa is the Director of Marketing at Versature, a leading SaaS hosted business phone company based out of Ottawa, where she manages a complex marketing environment for both Canada and the United States, and leads the high-performance marketing team. Previously the Marketing Director at Soshal, Marissa has spent the last decade working on building marketing programs that generate real return on investment, and lay the foundation for scalable growth for organizations like REALTOR.ca, Xplornet Communications, Clover Leaf Seafoods, Colliers Project Leaders, Algonquin College, Corel, and York University.

Richard Marginson Headshot

Richard Marginson

Digital Marketing Director, Craft&Crew ⟶

Richard is the Director of Digital Marketing at Craft&Crew (formerly Soshal). Over the last decade, he's led digital marketing initiatives for private, public and not-for-profit businesses, such as VIA Rail Canada, Xplornet Communications, the Canadian Professional Sales Association and autoTrader. He's a full-stack digital marketer, developing and implementing programs and campaigns from end-to-end. Despite his broad digital knowledge, his specialty lies in drawing insights from digital, company and industry data, and then building testing hypotheses from the data to foster new product development, better conversion rates, stronger acquisition funnels and higher retention rates.

Kelly Rusk Headshot

Kelly Rusk

Digital Strategy Consultant, Independent

As an expert in all forms of digital communication and with a wealth of experience and expertise that includes web and mobile development, social media, content strategy and analytics, Kelly is an expert at understanding and directing digital strategies that perform. This includes training and skills development and working directly with clients to find the best digital solutions for their business. Kelly brings a diverse background, with 15 years in marketing and communications, having worked primarily in startups and marketing agencies and briefly in municipal government. Kelly is also a sought-after digital marketing speaker and has spoken at events across Canada and the US.

Chris Wright Headshot

Chris Wright

Digital Analyst, Napkyn Analytics ⟶

Chris is a Digital Analyst at Napkyn Analytics. He works closely with enterprise marketing and technology client leaders providing expert guidance and analysis. Chris plans and executes successful measurement programs by eliciting reporting requirements, designing customized measurement systems and providing reporting and dashboarding to facilitate data-driven decision-making.


David W. Large Headshot

David W. Large Veteran Professor, Marketing Strategy, Telfer School of Management ⟶

You CAN teach an old dog new tricks! David is a veteran professor of Marketing Strategy at the Telfer School of Management, who approached Soshal late in 2016 about building an industry-led digital marketing certificate program designed primarily for Telfer's Marketing grads. Soshal's leaders said yes right away, and in record time the program was designed, and launched in the summer of 2017. David himself took the DMC that summer, and while it was tough, according to David it was also exhilarating. "I can't say enough about the quality of the program design, the instructors, the delivery, the energy in the sessions, and the hands-on skills that will bend the future of the organization you work for."
Phil Sonea Headshot

Phil Sonea Partner, Craft&Crew Corp. ⟶

A founding member of Craft&Crew (formerly Soshal), Phil has helped oversee the scaling of the company from its infancy to a leader in the website production and digital marketing space. For 8 years, he was primarily focused on service delivery and operational functions and was a lead on major strategic initiatives for clients like Xplornet Communications, Gabriel Pizza, the Canadian Medical Association, the Canadian Real Estate Association, and Ontario's Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration. Phil now oversees the DMC, growth of our Collective community, and operational functions (finance, HR, etc.) for the agency.