Our program is constantly changing so that you don't get left behind.

*** Please note that we are making program updates for Summer 2020. This content will be updates once we're wrapped up.

Digital marketing is a fast-moving industry that is constantly evolving. Each session, our program is updated to ensure that you're learning the most up-to-date practices being used in real-world scenarios. As day-to-day industry professionals, our instructors have unparalleled insight into their fields of study and have the flexibility and autonomy to ensure that what's being taught in the classroom is relevant then, and for the future.

As our instructors meet to lay the foundation for this year's program, you'll see the information here get updated. In the meantime, we wanted to make sure that you could get insight into the types of things you'll be taught while earning your Digital Marketing Certificate. Explore below to get an idea of some of the modules that have been done in past sessions.

Content for Landing Pages

You'll learn the best practices of writing for the web, tools that can help you optimize your writing, and how written content can drive business results. You'll work through laying out your writing to hand off to other digital team members.

Kelly Rusk

Design for Marketers

You'll gain an understanding of why design matters, and its role in marketing through the fundamentals of design. You'll learn layout, contrast, hierarchy, typography, and colour theory concepts. You'll also learn how to collaborate, give feedback, and provide direction to designers.

Sébastien Chiappa-Ménard

Digital Marketing Strategy

Implement a well-considered process of selecting and developing the best digital strategy for a given situation. Learn how to address the complexities of planning and become familiar with the concept of strategic management and reporting.

Marissa Homère

Landing Page Design

Apply your Foundations knowledge to a practical project that will test your ability to identify your user and their journey, and create a landing page that will guide them through a marketing funnel. You'll work with a small team to build your solution, as well as give feedback to other teams.

Marissa Homère


Understanding your target audience is one of the fundamental elements of an effective digital strategy. Learn how to perform market research, develop personas, and empathize with your customer.

Marissa Homère

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You'll be introduced to a range of specialist tools that will allow you to apply on-site and off-site optimization techniques, keyword research practices, and link-building tactics.

Lisa Kupfer

User Journey Maps (UJM)

Research and understand your customer's journey as they go about purchasing your product and service. Learn to uncover pain points and opportunities, as well as strategies for answering their most important questions and objections.

Marissa Homère