Marketing (particularly digital) is a fast-moving industry that is constantly evolving. Each session, our program is updated to ensure that you're learning the most up-to-date practices being used in real-world scenarios.

This is the launchpad for your marketing career acceleration, whether you're looking for a promotion or a bold shift in direction. The DMC is an intense, 10-week program designed by industry professionals, to give you the most valuable foundation possible.

What makes the DMC great? We're not afraid to share our recipe:

  • active, industry instructors;
  • a rapidly-evolving curriculum; and
  • the strength of our students in each cohort.

Mix these together, and you have people landing their dream job, launching their business, getting that promotion, and building lasting relationships.

We're constantly looking to improve. If you want to learn about how we've evolved, you can read about our 2020 Refresh.

Program Modules

Introduction to the Ecosystem

Get a snapshot of the landscape: what trends are shaping the industry, career paths: specialist vs. generalist, and how do privacy and regulations impact the work we do? You'll rarely be a team of one, so we help you understand how to work effectively with other departments and roles to deliver the best results.

Strategy, Planning, and ROI

Implement a well-considered process of selecting and developing the best digital strategy for a given situation. Learn how to address the complexities of planning with constraints and when to switch tactics. Practice campaign budgeting and how to demonstrate return on investment.

Understanding Customers

Understanding your target audience is one of the fundamental elements of an effective digital strategy. Learn how to perform market research, identify your target persona and create a provisional journey map to help empathize with your customer. Get familiar with how to use a marketing funnel to plan and measure your effectiveness.

Content Marketing

Learn how content can drive results at different stages of the marketing funnel, explore different types of content, and create your own content plan. Understand how content and SEO are related and produce your own keyword strategy and content assets, using tools including Ahrefs (

Social Media + Personal Brand

Dive in to the major social platforms being used today, to understand why and how to use them based on the stories you need to share. Work on your own personal brand and learn how to promote yourself as a professional.

Workshop: Effective Landing Pages

You don't need to code to create performance-driven landing pages. We'll give you guidance on content and user experience best practices, as you create a landing page and learn about testing and optimization.

Search + Display Advertising

Learn how campaigns are created, from creative, to media planning, to establishing a measurement framework, to optimizing your return on ad spend. We'll focus primarily on Google Ads, but look at some similarities and differences in platforms.

Social Media Advertising

Continuing to build off of your knowledge of digital advertising, look at how social media advertising fits into the mix and what makes a powerful campaign.

Marketing Automation and Technology

Learn the basics of marketing automation and how it will make you an effective marketer by enabling you to track, score, segment, and nurture leads. You’ll also take a dive in the technology landscape, see applicable tactics and learn what the future holds for marketing automation. Look at differences in marketing operations for B2B, B2C, startups, and enterprise organizations.

Reputation Marketing

You can't control what people say about you, but you can partner with key individuals and companies to steer the narrative. Identify and evaluate the fit of potential partners by understanding partnership models for working with influencers, affiliates, and advocates. Take a look at the role review platforms play and best practices for optimizing the impact of reviews.

Data, Analysis, and Reporting

There is a ton of data available with the tools you'll be using. Learn how to analyze data across platforms and tools, including how to test and optimize. Use this information to help with forecasting and prediction of future results. Then, practice documenting and communicating results to your stakeholders through reports and dashboards.

Workshop: Compare and Evaluate Tools

The DMC won't cover every tool out there, and new tools pop up daily. This workshop helps you understand what is important to your organization, to your role, and assess the viability and feasibility of a new (or change of) tool. Apply this framework to assessing options for tools for real-world situations.

Marketer Industry Panel

An exclusive panel for the DMC, bringing in marketers from a variety of backgrounds and career paths. Facilitated by one of your instructors, this is a rare opportunity to participate in the "real talk" and get behind the scenes on life as a marketer in different environments.

Final Project: Strategic Proposal + Pitch

For your summative project, you'll learn how to put all the pieces together. Create a compelling business case for your marketing plan, then deliver this through a proposal and pitch.