Online Delivery

Due to COVID-19, we adapted our program for online delivery, using live, virtual classrooms for instruction and group collaboration. Until further notice, we will continue to offer the program in an online-only format, for the safety of our instructors and students.

If it isn't broken, why do you fix it?

Things change too quickly to stand still. Our cohorts have been selling out, which is fantastic, but we want to stay on top of our game and provide the best possible learning experience for ambitious marketers.

We're big on feedback and talk with former students, our instructors, and other industry professionals to get a pulse on what about the DMC is most valuable and what's not quite hitting the mark. Then, we work with our instructors to figure out what improvements can bee made and what we want to make sure we keep doing.

Ultimately, we want to help build up the next wave of marketers to be highly valuable assets, wherever they choose to apply themselves. Anything getting in the way of this, we aim to trim and refocus programming.

DMC 2020 Refresh

We've made constant iterations at a module level since our inception; however, 2020 was the first year we've refreshed things end-to-end. People spoke, we listened...

  • Strong cohorts make for the best learning. We've always been selective in our admissions, but as we refine our ideal persona, we've seen better discussions and stronger student collaboration. Instructors are also able to spend less time trying to get everyone up to speed on marketing basics, and focus on their modules.
  • Better cohesion between modules and instructors. We witnessed many students struggle with the final assignment, despite having learned a ton through the rest of the program. The build-up of takeaways and assignments did not set people up for success the way we had hoped, so we went back to the drawing board to identify assignments that can be used as building blocks for your final. We are also working with instructors to build on some key concepts earlier and more often through the modules. The refreshed final assignment is more about bringing together the pieces you've already created and communicating your plans in a compelling way.
  • More time modelling and working with numbers. A new Strategy, Planning, and ROI module has been created to address this early on, and we made updates to other modules to ensure students can continue to practice tying tactics to strategic objectives and understanding how to measure and adjust.
  • More hands-on experience. We've worked with instructors to ensure each module has a hands-on component so we spend less time lecturing. This was one of the major drivers for our decision to remove the Google certifications from the DMC this year. Students will now get more hands-on experience and a deeper understanding of the tools which will make you more valuable as a marketer. We still recommend you take the time to get certified, but your time in the DMC is better spent doing things you can't do easily on your own. We are also reinstating ad budgets for use on live campaigns, as part of your tuition fee.
  • More feedback on the work. Modules have been updated so that each will have an opportunity to create something and get input from your instructors, often sharing with your peers for additional perspective and insight.
  • Relationships built through DMC are powerful. In addition to the obvious (connections with peers and instructors), we now have a sizeable alumni group who share a lot of similarities.We are moving on opportunities to bring cohorts together. We also added in an industry panel evening, to build additional industry relationships through real talk and help you navigate the various paths ahead of you as a marketer.